Updated: June 5, 2018

Boo is back for re-homing, as his family is moving and unfortunately, they can not keep him, as they are moving into a high rise building, that does not allow large breed dogs :( 

Boo will be just 4 yrs old this November, so he is still young enough to train your way!  However, Boo took a serious fall when he was just a puppy, (down a flight of stairs) and had to have surgery on his hip, so he now has a slight limp and needs to be kept exercised every day but Boo still loves to run, play and even dance with you! 

Boo lived mainly with all woman in the household, so he does take  strange to men, (for whatever reason) but Bouviers are quite protective of their families by nature! 

This very special boy, is such a wonderful soul, highly intelligent and needs a forever, loving home! Preferably with lots of land to run and enjoy! Also, an all female household, would likely be the best for him again!

If you are interested in Boo, please contact me ASAP, as this boy will get a lot of interest!

Thank you for reading!

Kathleen :)

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Pictures of Boo below:

Boo below when he was 7 weeks old.

Now and then we may have an adult Bouvier des Flandres, or Standard Poodle posted for adoption on this page. The adult could be from a past litter of ours,  that for whatever reason has come back to us,  or it could be a rescue. In any case, if you are interested in an adult Bouvier des Flandres, or Standard Poodle adult please contact me as I just may have, or may know of an adult dog needing a home!  Please ask for an application to fill in, so you can be placed on our waiting list!

Thank you for your interest and good luck, with your search.