Beautiful Standard Poodle Puppies for yearly! These are pictures of two from an earlier litter. 

 More pictures coming soon! 

Bella with her charming friend

Mj (the beagle puppy) 

Bella with her charming friend Mj (the Beagle puppy)

Willy Walker's Bouviers 

A proud Nova Scotia CKC breeder of quality Bouvier des Flandres. Champion bloodlines stemming from Europe, health tested since 1966. 

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 Puppy paws and tails, is there anything better?

Yes,  I can see you just fine!

Bouvier des Flandres are wonderful family pets, with protective/guarding  instincts. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.


    *When a child grows up with a Bouvier, they have their very own personal shadow, best friend and bodyguard!